February Dark Moon Tarot

Journey Through The Obsidian Dream

February Dark Moon Tarot

There’s a little bit of love goin’ on in the Current Position and the Querrant cards, but … dag, I ain’t feeling it right now. Very intrigued by the parallel sevens in the “inner influences” positions, and the parallel knights in the final outcomes.

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Dark Moon Desires: The Magic of Late Autumn

Holistic Wordsmith

(published on Rebelle Society)


A few weeks ago we celebrated the autumn equinox, the time of the year when the night and day are exactly equal in length.

Now, with the moon barely new above us, a mere glimmer of light in the darkness, we find ourselves fully in a season of deepening, darkened nights. It’s a time for turning inward, of quieting down from long summer days with appointment planners and to-do lists that stretch for miles.

Where I live, in the San Francisco Bay, this is the time of pumpkin spice lattes for some and pumpkin chia smoothies for others, carrot cake (possibly gluten free), newly-planted kale in the ground and reddening leaves on the trees, chilly nights and warm afternoons finally free of fog.

I may be a summer baby, born in June, but cozy-sweater-and-hot-cocoa autumn has always been my favorite season.

At the same time, fall…

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Who is your dark moon goddess?

Works of Literata

I work with two primary goddesses, Brigid and Morrigan. In my work, they form a complementary pairing. Brigid usually takes the creative and healing roles, while the Morrigan is the goddess I turn to when I need to work through more difficult situations, such as engaging my shadows. As we turn towards this dark moon after Imbolc, I am reminded of the ways both of them are necessary and important parts of my work.

Do you tend to turn to different powers or deities in different situations? Do you have a dark moon goddess?

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Mythic Monday: Black Moon Rising

Flossie Benton Rogers

aliciamoonblurfotor Some folks call February 2014 a Black Moon month because it has no new moon. Our lovely Selene hides her face. This situation can only occur in the short month of February. However, a Black Moon also refers to the second new moon in a calendar month, and January and March are both Black Moon months by that definition. The Black Moon on January 30 was especially auspicious, since the date also ushered in the Chinese new year, the Year of the Horse.

The Moon-goddess Selene accompanied by the Dio... The Moon-goddess Selene accompanied by the Dioscuri, or Phosphoros (the Morning Star) and Hesperos (the Evening Star). Marble altar, Roman artwork, 2nd century CE. From Italy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just so you’ll know, Black Moon also refers to a calendar month with no full moon, another situation that can only occur in the short month of February and results in January and March having two full moons…

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Dorado Magazine


We could all use a little magic in our lives, especially during these dark days of autumn. In this post I’ll describe one simple (and fun!) way to do a magical working that can help make a wish come true.

If fulfilling your wish will not overtax the universe, you can sometimes bring about such a “deliberate coincidence” by an act of will. Some believe that magic derives its power from the principle that every compelling thought or desire creates a corresponding, semi-sentient energy form on the astral plane. This astral energy form, a form of your will, can then manifest on the material plane.

As aids to manifestation, sigils are “glyph[s] of desire stylized so as not to immediately suggest the desire.”*

Sigil magic is composed of 3 steps:

1. Making the sigil
2. Charging the sigil
3. Forgetting the sigil


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Black Moon Skies

New Moon or Dark Moon

Dark Moon (Pagan) or New Moon (Astronomy)

Because I was sick, I completely missed the Black Moon in January. For those of us who aren’t in the know (including myself), a black moon is two dark moons in a month. It’s opposite a blue moon, which most know is two full moons in month. I say dark moon because most pagans see the new moon as a dark moon and new moon to us is about 3 days after the dark moon, when a sliver of crescent is visible starting the waxing moon phase. I hinted at the Dark Moon phase on a previous post but I neglected to go into detail because, honestly, I didn’t know about the Black Moon. I’m still learning. Whether it’s relevant or not is up to the practitioner, but I think it’s a very significant phenomenon. But, fortunately March is another Black Moon month, the 1st and 31st are both dark moons. The next black/blue moon is July 2015 when there will be blue moon. You can get dates and times here. Some will choose to work on banishing negativity as is the usual ritual on a dark moon. Or you can do nothing. It’s really up to you. Do whatever your spirit moves you to do. BTW, anytime is a great time to banish negativity from your life. But, with such a divine stage coming into play with these lunar energies lining up, I think a lot of fellow pagans will take full advantage of the opportunity.

A little magic will do

Attribution: Hoyabird8 at English Wikipedia

Homemade chicken soup

I’m just coming out of a lingering cold which turned into laryngitis and then became bronchitis. I’ve been trying to nurse myself back to health sans OTC drugs and use some good old fashioned healing foods and kitchen witchery. I made chicken soup with a whole new perspective. I picked the best chicken (organic is best, but hormone-free will work), used the best herbs (dried or fresh, again organic is best, but use what you have in a pinch!) and the best vegetables. As I prepared it, I thought of how I wanted myself to be better and feel as I did before the cold. Each cut of the meat and vegetables, the sprinkling of herbs and spices, infused with healing thoughts. My guy got into it once I became too dizzy to stand. He was tasting and adjusting, even putting some cayenne pepper in saying it helps with healing and adds energy. I couldn’t have been more sappy in my appreciation. Hot tea with lemon and honey helps with the sore throat and clearing up any chest congestion. Orange juice and fruit juice increases vitamin C and keeps blood sugars balanced to help the body fight off infection. I’m even taking a good chelated mineral supplement to help build my immune system. Note that NONE of this matters if you’re doing it and DO NOT believe it’s going to work. Meditation, prayer, affirmation, whatever you want to call it, it helps in aiding the healing. It’s taking some time for me to get back to right, but I BELIEVE it’s going to work.