A little magic will do

Attribution: Hoyabird8 at English Wikipedia

Homemade chicken soup

I’m just coming out of a lingering cold which turned into laryngitis and then became bronchitis. I’ve been trying to nurse myself back to health sans OTC drugs and use some good old fashioned healing foods and kitchen witchery. I made chicken soup with a whole new perspective. I picked the best chicken (organic is best, but hormone-free will work), used the best herbs (dried or fresh, again organic is best, but use what you have in a pinch!) and the best vegetables. As I prepared it, I thought of how I wanted myself to be better and feel as I did before the cold. Each cut of the meat and vegetables, the sprinkling of herbs and spices, infused with healing thoughts. My guy got into it once I became too dizzy to stand. He was tasting and adjusting, even putting some cayenne pepper in saying it helps with healing and adds energy. I couldn’t have been more sappy in my appreciation. Hot tea with lemon and honey helps with the sore throat and clearing up any chest congestion. Orange juice and fruit juice increases vitamin C and keeps blood sugars balanced to help the body fight off infection. I’m even taking a good chelated mineral supplement to help build my immune system. Note that NONE of this matters if you’re doing it and DO NOT believe it’s going to work. Meditation, prayer, affirmation, whatever you want to call it, it helps in aiding the healing. It’s taking some time for me to get back to right, but I BELIEVE it’s going to work.