About Rishima

7470438_f520I was born Methodist. Throughout my childhood my family adopted different denominations from Episcopalian to Charismatic Evangelical and attended a mega church and a community church that both promoted the Prosperity Gospel.  I finally decided that the path of Christianity was not right for me and gave myself permission to feel OK with it. I do consider myself an Eclectic Neo Pagan.  I practice candle magic to intrinsic magic which is magic without the aid of tools such as wands, athames, ritual clothing, etc.  I still pray, but not to any specific god or deity; it’s more towards an abstract force like the Divine or Great Spirit.  Also, I dance, sing and chant to balance myself emotionally and spiritually, usually whenever I’m alone.  I don’t think that is a particular practice (sacred worship, maybe?)  Whatever work I am doing depends on the specific energy I’m trying to attract for my intended purpose. I do not practice Wicca, therefore I’m not a Wiccan.  I am not an initiate and have not been asked to join a coven from any tradition.  Wicca is an actual recognized religion founded by Gerald Gardner.  I don’t call myself a witch, although some of what I practice may be considered witchcraft.  I think it’s way too easy to throw the word “witch” around as it still has some shock value from popular culture.  I will not call myself something just because I want to sound cool or feel like I belong.  My best rule is: When in doubt, don’t! I am glad to see more individuals are embracing alternative spiritual paths, especially in the black community. I just want to be able to share my experience with the world.


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