Guard your Circle well

Only those you invite in may enter

The door of the Dark Moon is open

Those who dwell in caves graves hollow trees and in the wild patches of poison walk tonight in the Dark of the Woods

We meet the Evening of the Dark Moon

Bring out your Bones…

Rub them…give them breath

Blood Ancestors worshipped

Power of Life lies in the Darkness of the Moon

Be drawn in…

With your own Darkness…Recognize it…Name it…Face it

Your own Shadow bring it into Light

Widdershins spiral…spin spin spin

Hidden Secrets will be discovered

From the High Noon Sunlight through the Dark of Tonight

Inner dimensions of our Body and Mind released

Guard yourself well…

Keep on hand strong banishing incense

Fragrant oil of tricks

Candles to light the unknown lurking

For the Curse of the Dark of the Moon is upon us


We gather in…

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