Black Moon Skies

New Moon or Dark Moon

Dark Moon (Pagan) or New Moon (Astronomy)

Because I was sick, I completely missed the Black Moon in January. For those of us who aren’t in the know (including myself), a black moon is two dark moons in a month. It’s opposite a blue moon, which most know is two full moons in month. I say dark moon because most pagans see the new moon as a dark moon and new moon to us is about 3 days after the dark moon, when a sliver of crescent is visible starting the waxing moon phase. I hinted at the Dark Moon phase on a previous post but I neglected to go into detail because, honestly, I didn’t know about the Black Moon. I’m still learning. Whether it’s relevant or not is up to the practitioner, but I think it’s a very significant phenomenon. But, fortunately March is another Black Moon month, the 1st and 31st are both dark moons. The next black/blue moon is July 2015 when there will be blue moon. You can get dates and times here. Some will choose to work on banishing negativity as is the usual ritual on a dark moon. Or you can do nothing. It’s really up to you. Do whatever your spirit moves you to do. BTW, anytime is a great time to banish negativity from your life. But, with such a divine stage coming into play with these lunar energies lining up, I think a lot of fellow pagans will take full advantage of the opportunity.


2 thoughts on “Black Moon Skies

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